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Introducing the Bio Ionic Professional Hair Straightening System

Q-Why is Bio Ionic referred to as #1 Japanese straightening system?

A-The Bio Ion-Retexturizing System, with Natural Ion Therapy, was originally developed in Japan to meet the needs of the Japanese, who have very straight coarse, wiry hair that needs softening, smoothing, and better manageability. This system permanently retexturizes hair making it silky, sleek, and easy to manage.

Q-Why is it called Natural Ion Therapy?

A-For centuries, natural negative ions have been used in Japan to restore, rejuvenate, and revitalize the mind and body. Negative ion energy is powerful enough to break water molecule clusters into micro-fine particles that can penetrate the hair shaft.  During the Bio Ionic straightening process, the patented Natural Ion Complex infuses moisture into the hair to keep it hydrated and shiny.  

Q-Why is the Bio Ionic Ion-Retexturizing System different from other straightness on the market?

A-The Bio Ion-Retexturizing System, with its patented natural ion technology, rejuvenates each hair shaft, restoring moisture to the hair and sealing the cuticle to create healthy–looking, shiny hair.  Unlike other non-ion straighteners, even other “Japanese” or thermal straighteners, the Bio Ion-Retexturizing System will not dry out or damage the hair during the retexturizing process. There is no burning or itching, and the odor is minimal.

Q- How long do the results last?

A- The Bio Ionic Ion-Retexturizing System is a permanent process. Your retexturized hair will stay straight permanently.

Q- I’ve heard that sometimes hair reverts back to its previous shape.  Is that true?

A-We have seen very little “revision” with the Bio Ionic Ion-Retexturizing System. However, in rare cases, the product may not have been applied properly, or the hair may be extremely resistant or may be affected by certain medications. A consultation with your stylist is advised.

Q-What if my hair has previously had sodium hydroxide-type strengtheners?

A-It depends on what type of relaxer was used and how recently. We do not recommend using the Bio Ionic Ion-Retexturizing System on top of hair previously relaxed with products containing any of these ingredients: Sodium hydroxide, lithium hydroxide, guanidine carbohydrate or calcium oxide/calcium hydroxide. However, the Bio Ionic Ion-Retexturizing System can be used safely on the

“regrowth” area, once there is approximately three inches of new growth (about 4-6 months from previous straightening), with great results.

Q-Does the Bio Ionic Ion-Retexturizing System require touch-ups?

A-You probably will want to touch–up the regrowth after about 4-6 months, when it has grown almost three inches. Most women find that weight of the reconditioned hair keeps the new growth very manageable for months.

Q-How long do I have to wait if I have recently had another type of thioglycolate (“thio”) or Japanese straightening process that hasn’t lasted very long?

A-If the hair was previously straightened with a thermal reconditioning or thioglycolate (“thio”) type product, you should wait about two weeks. After careful consultation with your stylist on the pros and cons of Bio Ionic Ion-Retexturizing System , your stylist can perform the retexturizing service with excellent results.

Q-How long does the process take?

A-You should allow 2 to 3 hours or more for the Bio Ionic Ion-Texturizing System process, depending on the thickness of your hair.

Q-How long does my hair have to be?

A-We recommend that the hair is at least three inches for best results.

Q-Can I wash my hair the next day?

A-No. After the Bio Ionic Ion-Retexturizing process, you must wait 72 hours (three full days) before washing or wetting your hair.

Q-If I want to go swimming, can I use a bathing cap?

A-No, not for three full days.  Swimming after the process, even with a bathing cap, will cause the hair to be scrunched up.

Q-What if I don’t want it completely straight but prefer a soft wave?

A-Your stylist can achieve a soft wave during the Ion-Retexturizing service and still remove almost all the frizz simply by adjusting the timing.  Or, if you want to go “stick” straight and then change your mind, hair can be permed or body-waved after using the Bio Ionic Ion-Retexturizing System as long as you wait ten days.

Q-What makes the Bio Ionic Ion-Conditioning Dryer and Ion-Smoothing Brushes different from other ion tools on the market?

A-The Bio Ionic styling tools are infused with patented Natural Ion Complex developed in Japan. The ion smoothing brushes actually soothe your hair ravaged by the environment, reducing breakage, split ends, frizziness and static electricity. When the brushes are used with the Bio Ionic Ion-Conditioning Dryer, drying time can be reduced up to a 50%.

Q-Can I color my hair after the Bio Ionic process?

A-Yes, as long as you wait ten days after the service, you may color your hair without any ill effects. In fact, using Bio Ionic styling tools will help prolong the color.

Q-What about pulling my hair back after the process?

A-You must wait 72 hours (3 full days) before using bands, metal or plastic clips, pins or other hair ornaments, including . That goes for putting your hair behind your ears, too.

Q-Will I need to apply a spray-on conditioner or shine product after the process?

A-No, nothing goes on the hair for 72 hours.

Q-Will I still need to blow-dry my hair afterward?

A-It will depend on your hairstyle. Some hair, because of its style and texture, looks great just with a shampoo.  However, in most cases blow-drying, preferably with the Bio Ionic Ion-Smoothing Brushes, is recommended to achieve the desired style.  When the brushes are used with the Bio Ionic Ion-Conditioning Dryer, drying time can be reduced up to 50%.

Q-Is it safe to use other ionic equipment?

A-Other ionic equipment and products are not  manufactured with the patented Natural Ion Complex, so they won’t give you the same high-quality results.

Q-What types of maintenance products should be used after the Bio Ionic Ion-Retexturizing process?

A-Nothing should be put on the hair for three full days. After that, we recommend the use of Bio Ionic Micro Hydration Therapy hair care products.  Your certified Bio Ionic stylist will recommend the products for your hair before you leave the salon.


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